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Boat Rent

"Vakance" travel agency rents the boats under the following conditions:

  In order to make the reservation, you are obliged to pay 40% of total amount in advance as downpayment, the rest of the amount is payed at the boat takeover when rental term beginns. For downpayment we accept credit cards or wire bank transfer - see payment options on our website.

  In addition to the rental fee, at the time of renting the boat you are obliged to pay also a security deposit. The security deposit is refunded upon expiry of the rental term provided the boat and all associated equipment are returned in good working order. You are also obliged to hand over some identification (passport or identity card) that will be returned to you upon expiry of the rental term provided that the boat and all equipment are returned in good working order.

  Boats are covered by insurance with specific preliminary amount. You shall therefore be held liable for any damage caused through your own fault which is lower than that amount. Damage will be estimated by the rental agency "Vakance " and ryou herewith agree to accept such an estimate. Only damages over the preliminary amount will be paid by insurance.

  Rental fee does not include fuel. You will be provided with full tank, and you can either return the boat with full tank, or pay the fuel price (1 liter ~ 1.1 euro)  .

  Boat is to be operated solely by the renter or otherwise he/she shall forfeit the deposit.

  If for whatever reason you terminate the Agreement prior to expiration of the rental term, you will not be entitled to any refund of the rental charges.

  During the rental period the boat equipment shall not be removed from the boat.

  Any disputes between the parties hereto shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the competent court in Hvar.

Private accommodation

  The " Aparments Mladen " accommodation offered here is privatelly owned by the owner of "Vakance" travel agency, and therefore does not include any commission or other agency expenses, as well as other accommodations in Sucuraj that  we might reccommend, which belong to our friends, neighbours or relatives. This solely serves the purpose of offering boat renters a good accommodation in Sucuraj.

  On the other hand, the private accommodation offered on official "Vakance" travel agency website includes private accommodation offer in whole Island of Hvar (also in Sucuraj) which includes agency intermediate expenses, and "Vakance" official terms of service for private accommodation.

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  • Hvar rent
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